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This is the 3rd account I've had to make to try and contact you guys. My main account won't send a password reset and i have yet to receive any response as far as my problems. Ive been charged 3 times to my card and have yet to use the plugin! I just want my money back to my PayPal account which is cverecreationzbeats@gmail.com hopefully this time i can actually get some assistance

Added August 22, 2017 8:24 pm

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We can resolve this quickly, we understand at this point you are frustrated – we aim to have a smooth experience but there are situations where it may be rough. We have already passed this to management and they would like to contact you personally to resolve this.

Our goal is always happy customers. We requested you contact Accounting because we are great at customer loyalty, notice you are the first question to request a refund?!


(1) Provide us with your phone number and Management will call you personally.

(2) Provide us with your Skype id and we can set you up with Tech and a Skype call from Management.

Its unfortunate that you were not able to use the plugin while you were charged, Accounting will likely give you 2 months of free usage (this is why we asked you to contact them). But you must login with your Customer Account to access this.

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Answered On August 23, 2017 3:56 pm #

You are clearly trying to downplay my intelligence… My emails aren’t unread, the only 2 that weren’t opened were the ones saying i got charged AGAIN for a product I CANT USE!!  My account got locked AFTER i tried to log in with what SHOULD’VE been my password but didn’t work, thus the ”unlock account” emails were sent to me. I TRIED THE PASSWORD RESET ON MY ACCOUNT THATS BEING CHARGED BUT I NEVER RECEIVE THE RESET EMAILS!!! I also sent YET ANOTHER message using the ”contact us” form even though it’s clear I won’t get a response…. I need this resolved today or I will have to take legal action. Ironically enough, there is no phone number to contact Reshape Media Inc. in Ontario…. Ive been dealing with this issue for over a month and have yet to get it resolved…. not good business at all…

Answered On August 23, 2017 3:00 pm #


We have consolidated your questions into one as they are related. If your account is locked, then you can follow the link in the emails to unlock (as per your screenshot). The emails which state ”Account Locked” also contain the link to unlock your account, but from your screenshot they are all unread emails.

You must login with your Customer Account

You are attempting to access paid content using a newly created free account - this will not work.

Lost Password

Contact Us

Manage Your Products/Subscriptions

Regarding support tickets, you must login with your customer account to access the ticketing system. Free accounts have access to our FAQ and Contact Us.

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Answered On August 23, 2017 2:44 pm #


This is free Tech support we do not have the power to perform accounting changes, you must contact customer support. Based on your request we performed a search of your account history.

Aug 4/2017
– You requested a password reset
– Support sent you a new password

Aug 22/2017
– You requested a password reset
– Support sent you a new password

We cannot provide refunds for activated keys: License Agreement. We are all humans so we asked that you contact Accounting to see how they could help. There is no history of a customer service request from your email. Only a password reset.

If you are not receiving any emails, then perhaps adding @exportkit.com to your safelist may help.

Please try to login with the credentials provided by support via email. This will allow you to submit a support ticket. Otherwise you must contact support via: Contact Us

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Answered On August 23, 2017 11:14 am #

…It’s obvious my I am unable to get my point across… So let me reiterate… 1. I have tried to do a password reset on my account that I have been paying on, months ago, and have yet to receive a password reset email… 2. I then tried to use the ”customer support” form to reach out to you, again, with no response back…. 3. I attempted to open a ”support ticket”, which to my surprise, required a login, or paid service (something I obviously cannot do) so that failed… so 4. I resorted to this method of contact which has surprisingly got me a response, but has yet solved my problem…. leading me to 5. I asked for a refund, I have still not received an email from your ”support” and I have yet to see you mention the refund and cancelation of my account I asked for. I no longer have interest in your services, nor do I care to waste more time waiting for responses with no assistance.

I have tried contacting support several times already! Thats the reason i resorted to posting here because I never received a reply after my several attempts and after the ridiculous amount of times I've tried to reset my password I NEVER receive an email! I want to cancel my account and stop getting charged for something i cannot use! I get emails from you just not the password reset. I need this resolved TODAY!!! I refuse to get charged again! I attached a picture of my mail inbox. 2nd one is what i see as "support" options, 3rd one is what happens when i click "get technical support" it leads me here!!! This is becoming the worst experience ever with a company

Answered On August 23, 2017 5:56 am #


This board is for technical support and plugin related issues. For accounting we suggest you submit a customer support ticket here: Customer Support.

Support sent an email to your original email registered with the account, we will ask them to send it to all emails related to each registry. You should have been provided with a new password to login. Please confirm if you received this for this account cverecreationz.

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Answered On August 23, 2017 12:56 am #

Ive been waiting for the reset email and still didn’t receive a reset email, and that support link is what I’ve used 4 times with no response. i still can’t access my account and i would rather get a refund for the 2 months I’ve paid without being able to use the plugin and just cancel my account, please and thank you…

Answered On August 23, 2017 12:43 am #


Tech has reset your password and support has sent you an email with your new credentials. In the future you can contact us directly here: Contact Us

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Answered On August 22, 2017 10:13 pm #

Export Kit
Your Interactive Tool Belt

Order ID:
Payment method:
Credit Card

Created at:
2017-05-25 19:54:57

Shipping and Billing address

Answered On August 22, 2017 9:54 pm #


We did a search and found a user: cverecreationz – can we assume this is you? If so your stats show that you were able to login. Is this a matter of requesting a new password?

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Answered On August 22, 2017 8:52 pm #


The email address you provided is not an active customer. Please provide your original order ID and we can pass your request to Accounting.

You said this is the 3rd account, can you provide us with the other 2. Also provide the account you made the original purchase with.

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Answered On August 22, 2017 8:48 pm #
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