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I am using the Illustrator version and having problems with the fonts. It appears they are not pulling in the Google fonts. The headings are all too big and aren't using the Open Sans font I wanted. The text under the headings also appears to be off. The font might be right, but the formatting is not correct.

Asked by coachtim23
Added January 6, 2017 3:48 pm

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There are common text related issues with Illustrator which are easy to fix, but not always easy to notice. The most important thing is to ensure you are using Paragraph text with your layers to give adequate space for rendering the fonts.

Label Text

Paragraph Text

Always keep in mind that Adobe and Web Browsers do not render fonts the same, so when you use Label text with elements - you MUST have the exact font that renders the exact same size in all browsers = almost impossible.

Use Paragraph Text to solve this.

Missing Google Fonts

You have two options with missing fonts, you can:
(a) modify our Google Fonts Auto-loader script, or
(b) you can manually add the fonts to the plugin

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