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In your video regarding forms it states (paraphrased), that the rectangle is ignored. I am going to play with this some, but part of my reason for using PSD would be to stylize the forms elements into a custom look/presentation. Preferably using bootstrap. Any insight into the best method for using your kit to get both? Thanks

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We can explain. When you say ”ignored”, you may be referring to the ${skip} layout – this is used for a visual in your PSD only and will not output with your design.

Custom CSS (including Bootstrap)

You can add any custom CSS class to any element and control all states inside your PSD.

Bootstrap | Custom CSS Classes

Web Form Tutorial

Just encase you did not read the tutorial:

Custom Input Element Styles (psd template)

Use this template to test adding custom CSS styles to input elements

Additional Notes

Some input elements are tricky if you want the full effect, eg. If you want a transparent email input, the you will have to create a class in your psd and ensure the opacity is set to 0:


Then use a shape to control the background color and opacity in your ${css|styles} folder.

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