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Simple Fix

This is a simple fix, but may require a few layout changes.

Dynamic Height works like a VBox and will stack content - new below the previous.

The reason this happens is because you have layers that are NOT inside folders. Dynamic Height will calculate the size of you document based on the layers contained - so we STRONGLY RECOMMEND using folders and NOT layers on your top-level!

Because your content will stack, if you have layers outside of folders, the individual layer will be used to measure the height of the document.

Quick Fix

Place all layers inside folders and have Dynamic Height measure the folder size and not the layer.

Added March 1, 2015 5:28 pm

Another way to think of Dynamic Height is a Table Row. When you enable Dynamic Height, your folders are treated as Rows in a Table, if you do not correctly align your Rows then your content will not correctly stack.

If you are not sure, group your elements into a single folder ”content”, watch this video for an example: http://exportkit.com/plugin/environments/html5/create-a-one-pager-wordpress-theme-from-html.

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