Release Notes

Total Updates
New Features

[v17.0216.05]Updated [inline code] to render native modules with [Responsive] support -HTML Output
Updated font to toggle web and native name -HTML Output
All text properties are now default -JSON /XML Outputs
Layer Name now displays correct icon for layer types -Tools Panel
Web Fonts now enable Google Fonts -HTML /PHP /WordPress Outputs
*NEW* Plugin backgrounds via website Dashboard -General
Updated error notices to reflect Locked Folders -General
Updated responsive web options to remove Inline Code -HTML /PHP /WordPress Outputs
Updated API security for new users -General

[v16.0628.13]Mobile outputs now default to single screen/view -Android /iOS Output
Keep Assets mapping correction for design files -PSD, AI, INDD
*NEW* Raw PSD Effects support for inline layers -JSON /XML Environments
*NEW* [p] tag support for text style ranges -JSON /XML Outputs
*NEW* Vector support for shape layers -JSON /XML Environments
Additional server security rules for CC2016
Storm Chasers IP sync optimizations -General
Property mapping optimizations -JSON /XML Environments
Multi-line text layers now render \r with linebreaks -JSON Environments
stroke now maps color and opacity -JSON /XML Environments

[v16.0523.02]InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop are all fully active
Layer names and Layer Tags now assign to the correct PageItem -Tools Panel /Illustrator
Keep PSD/AI/INDD Assets correctly map to each environment -Export Panel
*NEW* Right-to-Left layout for language support -General
Base localization support -italiano
Base localization support -فارسی
Additional server security rules for InDesign.
display and opacitiy now render correctly with Responsive Screens -HTML /CSS /PHP /WordPress Output
New users now have default email notifications -General

[v16.0422.18]*NEW* Edit view for custom environment options -Exports Panel
Full XCode ready-to-import project -iOS Output
[page] tags map to native Storyboard Scenes -iOS Output
Asset mapping with images -iOS Output
Swift +Storyboard support -iOS Output
Relative Positions -iOS Output
*NEW* Image, Shape and Text support -iOS Output
*NEW* Image, Shape and Text support -Storyboard View
Free users are now limited per machine -General
Updated keygen for better machine sync -General

[v16.0331.18]*NEW* Custom theme settings logo -WordPress Output
Shapes now use correct Admin options for color -WordPress Output
Image paths in Admin options now show full URL -WordPress Output
custom.php and custom.css now auto-generate. -WordPress Output
*NEW* Options to remove PSD notes and Powered By notice. -WordPress Output
*NEW* Native WP text editor for Admin -WordPress Output
*NEW* Image upload and Media Library support for Admin -WordPress Output
*NEW* Color selector for Admin -WordPress Output
*NEW* IE Edge render when IE6 is enabled -HTML /PHP /WordPress Output
*NEW* Responsive meta tags for vieports -HTML /PHP /WordPress Output

[v16.0315.18]*NEW* Text scale support for font size -All Environments
Custom Options are now editable -CC2015.2 /Exports Panel
Duplicate web-templates are removed -JavaScript /jQuery
Updated environment options for image path -JSON /XML Output
Updated default settings with outputs -JSON /XML /Android Output
Additional error log support -Illustrator
Updated layer parsing -Illustrator
Updated layout maps for v23 support -Android Output
Updated user sessions and device mapping
Additional server security rules for CC2015.1+
User XP now syncs with your Dashboard -ExportKit.com
*NEW* Experience Points -All Environments

[v1128.15.59]Both Photoshop and Illustrator are fully active
Target projects now reflect SDK v23 -Android Output
*NEW* Save custom export options -Exports Panel
*NEW* [action] tag for dynamic JavaScript -HTML /SVG /PHP /WordPress Output
[char] tag now auto enables -HTML /WordPress Output
Updated iOS for correct code rendering -Swift /XCode View
Nav buttons no longer scroll out of view
*NEW* Vector support for shape layers -HTML /SVG /PHP /WordPress /Android Environments
*NEW* SVG Path option -Layers /Exports Panel

[v1014.20.18]Layer Effects and Relative Positions are now defaults
*NEW* Instant design via JSON -Smart Image
*NEW* PSD Assets support -Smart Image
*NEW* Remember Me support -General
Additional [char] tag support - XML /JSON Output
Additional sub-folder support for dynamic libraries -Virtual Scripts
Auto link scipt templates with output -HTML5 /JS /jQuery /PHP /WordPress Output
Instant edit code scripting values -Exports Panel
*NEW* Library template support for .txt, .js, .css, .html, .php, .svg, .json, .xml, .asp, .sql -Virtual Scripts
User sessions are now 2 hours -General
Additional [class] tag support for custom Widgets -Android Output
*NEW* [wp_query] tag for custom loops -WordPress Output
Nav menus now display image backgrounds correctly -WordPress Output

[v0618.22.56]Advanced Outputs now preset with required options -Android /WordPress Output
Compiler ERROR and WARNINGS added for better debugging -General
*Time Flow* now used between batches -Smart PSD Batch
Logs now display all batch files -Smart PSD Batch
Options file support +All Exports Settings -Smart PSD Batch
*NEW* Single Folder support -Smart PSD Batch
Color support for Shape layers -Smart Image
Font +text contents +color support for Text layers -Smart Image
External image support for Image layers -Smart Image
Position +Visibility support for all layers -Smart Image
Image, Folder, Text layer support -Smart Image
*NEW* SIM file support -Smart Image
Instant edit for UI PSD files -UI Elements
*NEW* Library +Category support +PSD list -UI Elements
*NEW* Instant layer name validation -Tools Panel
*NEW* More Info button for Layer Tags -Tools Panel
Folder Batch with Icons now renders correctly -Images Panel
Moved CSS Style link to the content body -PHP Output
Removed extra whitespace in code output -WordPress /Android /HTML5 Output
Corrected [‘] rendering issue with text layers -JSON Output
Updated key model to map IP and products

[v0427.17.36]*NEW* Active Info view for customers
All activated keys with previous and new orders now auto enable
Better support for Data Usage and Requests
*NEW* [ini] tag creates dynamic initialization options -PHP Output
Multiple page support +Framework pages -PHP Output
Dynamic Height support -PHP Output
Responsive Screens +Images -PHP Output
Relative Positions -PHP Output
CSS Fonts and Safe Text support -PHP Output
Effects support -PHP Output
*NEW* Image, Shape and Text support +Inline Code -PHP Output
Shapes now display correctly with Inline Code enabled -HTML5 Environments
Radius no longer displays if 0 -HTML5 /CSS /XML /JSON View
Base localization support -한국어, 조선어
Better unique product key to prevent ghost users
Login no longer asks for Product registry more than once
*NEW* Freelancer mode and usage view
Effects support -XAML View
*NEW* Image, Shape and Text support +Inline Code -XAML View
Effects support -VB View
*NEW* Image, Shape and Text support +Inline Code -VB View
Effects support -SilverLight View
*NEW* Image, Shape and Text support +Inline Code -SilverLight View
Better Logs and Session tracking -Data Usage
Bold and Italic text now renders correctly -Info /SVG /XML View

[v0330.13.09]Advanced Minify options now available -HTML5 /CSS /JS /jQuery /JSON Environments
Guide Group now works correctly -Guides Panel
Paragraph text now auto converts urls and emails to links -HTML5 /JS /jQuery /WordPress Output
*NEW* [char] tag for ASCII and Cryillic -HTML5 /JS /jQuery /WordPress Output
Background color now renders correctly -JS /jQuery Environments
Base localization support -русский
Base localization support -Português
Base localization support -Polski
Base localization support -日本人
Base localization support -हिंदी
Base localization support -Français
Base localization support -中国
Base localization support -Deutsch
Base localization support -Español

[v0324.03.33]*Underline and Strikethrough* support for text -XCode /Swift View
NSAttributedString support for text without Inline Code -XCode /Swift View
QuartzCore and UIKit support -XCode /Swift View
Effects support -Swift View
*NEW* Image, Shape and Text support +Inline Code -Swift View
Effects support -XCode View
*NEW* Image, Shape and Text support +Inline Code -XCode View
Folder/group support -Guides Panel
Housekeeping -General
Auto IP Address registry -General
Dynamic image sizes for Smart Resize -Images Panel
Batch mode for folders with Smart Resize -Images Panel
Better support for HTML5 layers without Inline Code -HTML5 View
Effects support with *Filter Flow* -SVG View
Inline CSS styles for easy area mapping -SVG View
*NEW* Image, Shape and Text support +Inline Code -SVG View
Effects Mixins -LESS /SASS View
Base Mixins with custom settings variable -LESS /SASS View
Effects support -SASS View
*NEW* Image, Shape and Text support +Inline Code -SASS View
Effects support -LESS View
*NEW* Image, Shape and Text support +Inline Code -LESS View
Effects support -ASP View
*NEW* Image, Shape and Text support +Inline Code -ASP View
Removed FIXME notice with style layers -CSS Styles
Text rotation support -All Environments
Icon Sets has changed to Smart Resize for additional support -Images Panel
Dropdown menus now have categories -Layers Panel

[v0307.15.16]Error messages with folders -All Layer Views
Error messages -Canvas Layout
New Export Log panel for additional exporting information -Exports View
Support for export time -Export Log
Layers Per Second index to see how fast your file is processed -Export Log
Layer errors and warnings -Export Log
Background image url to Image layers with Inline Content selected -CSS View
Hidden layers not showing -All Layer Views
Relative positions and layers -CSS /XML /JSON Output
Multiple pages and the data export -CSS /XML /JSON Output
Columns, rows and paddings with guide layers -Guides Views
Layer Tags not resetting -Tools Views
Shapes now render color correctly with Inline Content enabled -HTML5 Output
Gradient text no longer causes a render error -JS /jQuery Output
Better parsing of layer folders -Exports Views
Faster document exports -Exports Views
Changed glow for web elements -CSS /HTML5 /JS /jQuery Output

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