WP Developer Pack

Responsive WordPress, PHP, jQuery and CSS3 – all-in-one!

Everything you need to create Responsive WordPress Themes along with full admin options, custom theme settings and more – with the PHP, jQuery and CSS3 counterpart websites, or modules!

(5-Pack License Bundle)

$791.37 / User

One-time payment with unlimited usage
Photoshop +Illustrator +InDesign
Install on unlimited machines
15 languages included

WP Developer Pack Includes

All Licenses included create Responsive WordPress Themes along with PHP, jQuery and CSS3 + custom WordPress plugin support!


Export Kit – PHP Output

(Single Key)


Export Kit – WordPress Output

(Single Key)


Export Kit – Pro Panel (Add-on)

(Single Key)


Export Kit – jQuery Output

(Single Key)


Export Kit – CSS Output

(Single Key)


WordPress Themes and server side PHP + jQuery + CSS3 modules! Become a WP Developer power-house and create unlimited custom responsive WordPress themes with full PHP, jQuery and CSS3 support.

Custom WP Admin Options

All theme files, all included!

Build your PSD like WordPress

Total WordPress Theme control

Personalize your WordPress content

Conditional PHP Folders

Web Anchor link support

Build custom Media elements

Build unlimited web Forms

Pixel perfect Webpages

Go anywhere, in any Browser

Deploy to all Major Devices

All Image Assets are included

Go Font crazy with your Typeface

Text Align and Character Styles

Shapes of all sizes

Crystal clear HTML5 code


Exports Panel

Exports Panel will convert your full PSD with support for styles, effects, shapes and text – learn more.

Exports Panel Pro

With Exports Panel Pro you can easily customize the output, add multi-page support and more – learn how.


All products and features are included with Storm Cloud for the best experience.

Legacy CS5x

You can purchase our legacy Export Kit Suite for CS5 and CS5.5 users.

$791.37 / User
One-time payment with unlimited usage
Photoshop +Illustrator +InDesign
Install on unlimited machines
15 languages included

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