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Organize Content Blocks

You should always organize your content in individual containers/groups. If you cluster elements into a single folder, that is how you output will render. The more folders you use, the more organized your output. Organize […]

Caution With Effect Size

Depending on your effect and the angle, your element size may change to reflect the effect applied to the element. Web-based environments such as HTML and CSS, do not use run-time filters – but rather […]

Consider The Element Area

Its very common to mistake a complex shape’s visual design as its measured area. Always remember elements in all programming languages are treated as a rectangle area – regardless of the inner shape. Although shape […]

Trim Extra White-space

Your Output will always render based on your design. You should always try to fill your PSD document design or trim the remaining White-space to avoid display errors in the output. If your Photoshop background […]

Group Common Layers

You can design anything with any layer organization when it comes to print, but when you are designing for an export – you must group and organize common layers. What you see is what you […]

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