Layer Tag Tips


Tag All Required Pages

Some environments such as WordPress and PHP have strict rules for generating content, and require default pages to render. If your environment requires a ${page:header} and ${page:footer} – then you must include theses tags.

Use Valid Tags For Elements

When adding Layer Tags to elements, you should always be aware of which tags work with which elements. If you place a Layer Tag on an incorrect element, you may have unexpected results – but […]

Move CSS Styles Folder Up

CSS Styles are unique in nature to Export Kit and require you to place the folder at the very TOP of your document. CSS is compiled in order – last in, last out. This means […]

Industry Standard Rules Apply

Export Kit makes it easy to create complex elements inside your PSD, but if you incorrectly tag elements – or place elements in an illogical order – you will have unexpected display errors. In the […]

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