Advanced Layer Tags


Page Tag

${ page :args } – usage : ${page:index} This tag allows you to create additional pages from your document based on the output type. The Page tag will accept an [args] value which it will […]

Form Tag

${ form |type :args } – usage : ${form|post:http://localhost/form.php} This will allow you to wrap the document folder contents into a Form element respective of the output environment. The Form element will enhance your interactive […]

Input Tag

${ input :args } – usage : ${input:text} Input tags provide the ability to add data elements to your form when processing. Input tag is designed for text layers only. IMPORTANT: The contents of the […]

Object (Media) Tag

${ object |type :args } – usage : ${object|mp4:/path/to/video.mp4} – usage : ${object|youtube:YOUTUBE_VIDEO_ID} Object Tags will allow you to create media elements in the export. All supported object tags will use native HTML5 controls for […]

CSS Screen Tag

${ css |screen :args } – usage : ${css|screen:default} CSS Screen Tags give you the power to create responsive HTML5 and CSS3 websites from your PSD file. You can define multiple screen sizes to support […]

CSS Style Tag

${ css |style :args } – usage : ${css|style:my_custom_style} This tag adds custom CSS class styles to your PSD element. You can add any CSS class style, or customized PSD styles included in your ${css|styles} […]

CSS Styles Tag

${ css |styles} – usage : ${css|styles} This tag will group all your custom CSS classes created with your PSD elements. All child layers and folders are converted to CSS classes in the output using […]

Class Tag

${ class |type :args } – usage ${class|ul:class=”menu” role=”nav”} This tag allows you to add dynamic elements to your output. You can add any raw element, eg. H1 – along with properties. These elements will […]

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