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It would be nice when you have a smart object in Photoshop and you use this 10 times, the exporter would only save 1 images of the smart object and reuse this 10 times.

Is this possible?

Added August 12, 2014 2:38 pm

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You can in v126

Currently in v125 all images will render as individual images. In v126 we introduce the ${css|style} and ${css|styles} tag for this.

CSS Classes and Styles

You can assign individual CSS classes and styles so you can reuse not only images, but full css themes and styles: //

Smart Objects

Smart Objects when used with our new ${obj} tag (v126) will allow you to reuse smart objects and have the contents converted during the export. This will save lots of space in designs and make them very modular as you can store other layer tags inside the smart object.

This will allow you to have modular designs and link content in various ways.
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