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When we publish and export our .psd files, we are receiving empty data folders. We are using the ek125_801_webpage_responsive template.

How do we include or add new layers/data?

Your video here: PSD to Responsive HTML5 and help information mentions that we can’t alter any portions of the template including the names.

Asked by humblechoa
Added June 20, 2014 5:13 pm

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Existing Layers

You can change positions, styles and effects, etc on any layer. Note that if you change a layer in a screen, that effect/style/position will only apply to that screen size.

DO NOT change the layer name or you will have incorrect CSS references.

New Layers

You can add new layer data, but the new layer MUST be added to:

  1. ${css|screen:default} – the default screen
  2. the target screen you wish to use the layer with

If you are using the new element with individual target screens then you would want to include the layer first with the DEFAULT screen size so the object registers, and then on other screens if you wish to change the element.

If you are using the new element with all target screens then you will need to include the element in each CSS screen folder.

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Answered On June 20, 2014 5:22 pm #
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Asked by humblechoa
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