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1. About the size, i did 360*614px PSD file and it support my phone, and now i just need to know the other px sizes, so if Tech knows some sizes now it also can help.

2. In my exports i use this properties:


Validate names, Include Hidden Layers, Allow Layer Tags, Relative Positions, Layer Effects

Output Options:

Page Tags, Responsive CSS, Dynamic Height

Do you see something that missing or should be unchecked?

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The math behind this is very tricky, but if you take a look at the Official Android Screen Support you will see there are only a few official sizes. We support the all official sizes and you can create your own but you will have to do this manually.

Android Screen Sizes

Read our tutorial for Working with Android Screens, all official screen sizes are listed there.

Create a Custom Screen Size

Lets assume you want to create an export for Android Wearable, a watch perhaps. The quick way is to follow these steps:

1. Draw a square 100x100 in Photoshop
2. Save as [screen_size_test.psd] and export
3. Open the project in Android Studio to display the 100x100 square
4. Note the dpi size, then drag the square to the full size of the screen
5. In your PSD, change the square size to match
6. Re-export
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