A plugin to convert your AI, INDD or PSD to HTML, CSS, WordPress, iOS, Android, JavaScript, JSON and more… in a few clicks!

The Ultimate Creative Cloud Plugin

Experience Lightning Storm, the ultimate Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop plugin for Creative Cloud. Convert your AI, INDD and PSD to HTML, WordPress, iOS, Android and more, while giving clear code reflections of any Layer, export PSD images, smart guide your document… the list goes on!

Lightning Storm for Creative Cloud, evolve your AI, INDD and PSD to HTML plugin. Over 300 features to convert AI, INDD and PSD files to HTML, WordPress, iOS, Android and more – instantly!

Shapes of all sizes

Keep your shapes and Export Kit will render Photoshop shape layers as shapes rather than images.

Go Font crazy with your Typeface

Full support for Environment Fonts where available, and will translate all Font Styles directly in your output.

Deploy to all Major Devices

All devices, all the time. You output works on all major platforms: web, mobile and desktop.

All Image Assets are included

Get all your required image assets with each export. No need to trim and slice images manually.

Build unlimited web Forms

Full support for web and email forms along with support for custom input elements to create data-driven content.

Build custom Media elements

You can create custom media such as video, audio and swf elements in your output: wav, ogg, mp4, swf, webm and wmv.

Exclusive: WordPress, Android XML, iOS and more, if you use Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign - get Export Kit!

Convert any AI, INDD and PSD Now

Export Kit will convert your Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop files to Responsive HTML, CSS, WordPress, Android, iOS, jQuery, PHP, JSON and more – explore and see the difference.

If you use Creative Cloud for UI, Website, WordPress, Mobile or Desktop designs - you need Export Kit!

Responsive HTML and CSS

Convert your AI, INDD and PSD to Responsive HTML and CSS websites, with custom CSS classes. You can build multi-page responsive websites with full support for custtom CSS styles and themes.

Go from Webpage to Website

Build full websites from a single Photoshop PSD file, including all required image and code files.

Pick A Look, Any Look

Change your default output alignment and overflow settings on the fly, inside Photoshop.

Go Dynamic with your PSD height

Dont worry about document size, Export Kit can calculate the height of the output based on the content.

Convert your AI, INDD and PSD to Responsive HTML and CSS now - Learn How


Convert your AI, INDD and PSD to iOS UI files, Swift, Storyboard, and XCode project files to give you an out-of-the box iOS XCode project that is ready-to-compile to a live APP.

Preview with Storyboard Layout

View your PSD to iOS output right away in the Storyboard Layout.

Pixel-perfect PSD to iOS

Your design converts as-is to iOS Storyboard elements.

Crystal clear Storyboard code

Get the cleanest possible Storyboard code from each Photoshop layer, with no assumptions of your personal coding style.

Convert your AI, INDD and PSD to iOS UI now - Learn How

Android UI

Convert your AI, INDD and PSD to Android XML UI files, Java Activities, and Eclipse project files to give you an out-of-the box Android project that is ready-to-compile to a live APP.

Full XML Layouts and Java Activities

All ${page} tags convert to a valid Java Activity in your Android project, along with their respective layouts – create unlimited Layouts and Activities!

Eclipse-ready Android projects

All PSD to Android UI exports are ready-to-import in Eclipse or any other valid Android IDE (drag-and-drop).

Super clean PSD to Android XML

Get the cleanest possible Android XML UI from your Photoshop design.

Convert your AI, INDD and PSD to Android XML UI now - Learn How


Convert your AI, INDD and PSD to WordPress Theme in a few minutes with all files and functions.php to give you an out-of-the box WordPress theme that is ready-to-use with your blog or website.

Build your PSD like WordPress

Follow the official WordPress Guidelines for Theme Development and build your PSD in the same way. Learn once, apply twice!

Custom WP Admin Options

You can add additional support options for the WP Admin, allow the end-user to modify the element in the output directly in WordPress, without changing the PSD design.

Conditional PHP Folders

Use conditional folders to display content only when a condition is valid.

Convert your AI, INDD and PSD to WordPress now - Learn How
If you build Websites, WordPress themes, Mobile/Desktop apps from AI, INDD and PSD files - you need Export Kit!

Time is Money, Bank both

It took longer to read to this point than to export your AI, INDD or PSD to HTML, Android, iOS or WordPress – get started now!

Getting Started is Easy

In a few minutes with simple-to-follow steps, you can get started with Export Kit and convert your first AI, INDD or PSD to HTML website today. We know Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, and we know how to convert your AI, INDD or PSD – don’t take our word for it, try Export Kit yourself!

If you have clients that want lots of choices, and expect them @ the same price - you need Export Kit!


The best way to see your savings is to buy Export Kit and give it a click!

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Free Resources and Training

We keep our resources up-to-date with full guides, tutorials, AI, INDD and PSD assets, videos, and answers for many common user issues and questions. We give you 200+ free PSD Templates, 100+ Output Samples, and 100+ free UI Elements – when we say Export Kit “works”, we mean it!

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