Using Export Kit with XD

Export Kit will convert all content in your XD design to a working project respective of your selected output. Some projects such as HTML5 work out-of-the-box and can launch a visual render of your XD document instantly. Other projects such as Android will require a native IDE such as Android Studio to load and compile.

Step 1: Select what to Export

You have two export type options depending on your project requirements. You can export a single Artboard as a self-contained project or all Artboards as multiple pages / screens in a full project.

Select an Artboard to export only that Artboard

If you select an Artboard or an element within an Artboard, Export Kit will render that Artboard as a self-contained project.

Select nothing and all Artboards will export

If you deselect your Artboards, your entire XD document will export all Artboards as respective pages within your project.

Step 2: Export That Kit!

Open your Plugins, select Export Now and your Output Environment. Once the export is complete, you can select where to save the output files.

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