Abuse Policy

Effective: June 23, 2015.

Reshape Media Inc. (“Reshape Media” or the “Company”) wants Export Kit to be openly available for users when building projects via our Plugin. This Abuse Policy describes user actions we do not allow.

Failure to compliy with our Abuse policy may result in an IP or Account suspension.

Invalid API Request

Any request to the server that may harm or gain unauthorized access to devices, files or services.

Excessive User Accounts

You are not allowed to create multiple user accounts to trick or bypass payment for any of our products or services.

Requests Not Originating from Lightning Storm

We do not allow requests to the API that originate from unregistered devices or computers.

Building the JavaScript Files Locally

You are not allowed to build, compile, or modify in any part or whole the JavaScript files served by the API.

DDOS Attacks on the API

Sending requests to the server that are too frequent or excessive request to non-existent files.

Malicious Requests to the Server

Sending requests to the server that may harm or disable any devices, files or services.

Fair Usage

All of our policies are designed to protect our users and secure the information transferred between our users and Export Kit. We have custom designed our process enforcement to prevent security pitfalls, while maintaining our quality of standards.

We take any malicious attempts to trick or bypass our security very seriously, so be good!

Policy Violations

To ensure the best experience for user safety and security, Reshape Media requires all users to comply with our policy, including keeping up to date with changes that are made.

IP Address Suspension

Any violations to our policy will result in an immediate suspension of the IP Address the request originated from.

Account Suspension

In cases of repeated or serious violations, you will no longer be able to use any Reshape Media products or services without notice.

There are NO refunds for suspended accounts.

This Abuse Policy is subject to change without notice.

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