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This PSD file is an example of a Work Page design with a fixed height. The PSD uses shapes, text and various layout patterns to create a typical work or portfolio page. There are many options for exporting a general design, this will work with all available environments.

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General Design Support

General designs have very little restrictions and will normally export as-is. With all designs we strong suggest you follow our guidelines for design, layer names and organizing your folders/layers.

Read more about our PSD Design Rules.
Read more about our Layer Naming Rules.
Read more about how to Organize Folders and Layers.

Organize Content Blocks

You should always organize your content in individual containers/groups – read more.

Consider The Element Area

Its very common to mistake a complex shape’s visual design as its measured area, which is actually a rectangle – read more.

Trim Extra Whitespace

You should always try to fill your PSD document design or trim the remaining White-space to avoid display errors in the output – read more.

Use RGB Color Settings

Many designs may start as CMYK, but most environments only support RGB color modes – read more.

Use Shapes to Save Bandwidth

If your design has a solid color, or an effect that can be applied to a shape – then use a shape! Images must always download to the client computer costing additional bandwidth – read more.

Testing the PSD

Use Layers views to see the code translation of each layer, or use Exports view to see the output of the document.

IMPORTANT: We recommend you enable Layer Effects and Relative Positions to test this PSD.

Using Exports View

Export the PSD in your required environment to see how shapes are rendered in your output.

Learn more about Using Exports View.
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