Basic Layer Tags


Skip Tag

${ skip } – usage : ${skip} This tag can be used on both [layers] and [folders] to skip the element from processing during the export. This tag is great for keeping notes or custom […]

Image Tag

${ image } or ${ img } – usage : ${image} or ${img} This tag will rasterize the contents of [layers] (not including folders), converting the element to an image in the output. This will […]

Link Tag

${ link :args } – usage : ${link://google.com} This tag will create a [web] link element, respective to the environment, to open a new browser page or tab – using the [web address] in the […]

P Tag

${ p } – usage : ${p} This tag will allow you to render text ranges in your Label or Paragraph text layers. This tag works with text only. Text Range Styles When using ${p} […]

Code Tag

${ code } – usage : ${code} This tag will allow you to add raw code/script within the PSD Text Layer contents. You can draw any paragraph text layer in your PSD, but you should […]

Obj Tag

${ obj } – usage : ${obj} This tag will parse and expand each Smart Object to render each child layer within. This allows you to have modular designs and reuse object groups in multiple […]

Char Tag

This tag inserts automatically with HTML and WordPress. ${ char } – usage : ${char} This tag will convert non UTF-8 characters in your text content to any given language in the HTML output. This […]

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