Getting Started


After downloading Export Kit, you will need to install the panel in Adobe Photoshop following our Installation Guide.

For beginners, we recommend reading our Beginner Guide tutorials. These articles will provide you with a step-by-step process for working with your PSD along with tips and tricks to achieve your desired output.


Export Kit – Lightning Storm panel is designed for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign to work on PC, Linux and MAC, allowing your business to have full flexibility when creating interactive applications. IMPORTANT: You will […]

Installation CC2015 – CC2019

Installing Export Kit – Lightning Storm in Creative Cloud CC2015 – CC2019 is simple and easy to do. As long as all the requirements are met, you can install Export Kit in under 2 minutes. […]

Activating Product Keys

Activation lets Export Kit validate that your copy of the plugin is genuine. The activation process is a secure and anonymous process where Export Kit features are enabled beyond the free trial period. NOTE: CS5 […]

User Data Folders

Export Kit allows you to create custom user data for the UI Builder/Elements and Virtual Scripts (Script Kit) to further extend the functionality of the plugin. Export Kit will parse your user data each time […]

Testing with the PSD Templates

Before you begin your Export Kit journey, we strongly recommend you test our PSD Templates to both see how you design should be organized, and to test how your design renders in your respective environment. […]

Installation XD CC

Build v20.6.15 Release June 15, 2020 You can install Export Kit with Adobe XD in 2 simple steps and expand your user experience designs instantly! The plugin is available in XD when using Discover Plugins […]

Using the Plugin

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