Export Kit Basics


Using Exports Panel

Export Kit allows you to export your entire Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign documents as a working projects respective of your selected output. Some projects such as HTML5 work out-of-the-box and can launch with a visual […]

Export Folders

All exports using the Export Kit plugin will output to the ftml-www folder RELATIVE to your PSD, AI or INDD file. You can quickly access your export in the same folder as your design. ftml-www […]

Using Exports Panel Pro

Export Kit Pro provides additional options for customization of you project and file outputs. You can customize both layer and document functionality, along with custom scripting for automated outputs. Your customization will individualize your project […]

Export Process

The Export Process, although different for each Environment, is similar in its architecture. There are two main process methods which occur depending on if you are exporting a Photoshop document or layer. Layer Process This […]

Organize Folders and Layers

You Photoshop folder and layer structure is key to all designs as different environments have different requirements. There are situations where incorrect folders or layers can cause unwanted display errors in the output. It is […]

User Data Folders

Export Kit allows you to create custom user data for the UI Builder/Elements and Virtual Scripts (Script Kit) to further extend the functionality of the plugin. Export Kit will parse your user data each time […]

Using Export Kit with XD

Export Kit will convert all content in your XD design to a working project respective of your selected output. Some projects such as HTML5 work out-of-the-box and can launch a visual render of your XD […]

Using the Plugin

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