Our Mission

To convert creative designs to interactive projects, with industry standard features and practises at the speed of the machine CPU.

Our Company

Export Kit empowers designers and developers to explore their creativity with limitless potential. Export Kit technologies offer a wide code-base where designers and developers can output content in a fraction of the time, without the effort. Export Kit is redefining how designers and developers create digital projects with the fastest export speeds, the most code environments, and the most secure Creative Cloud platform.

Our Values

For You, the Customer

We constantly look for new ways to exceed our customer expectations with both a great experience and exceptional value in our products. Our plugin is designed for You, the Customer with many features and options to enhance your digital life.

Time is Money, Save Both

We always aim to add features and options that will save our customers both time and money when exporting digital projects. We welcome all customer feedback and consistently test our products to ensure the best user experience, fastest output delivery, at the cheapest development cost.

Designed for the Long Run

We support all major versions of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign; and continue to research new platforms to adapt our technologies. We invest in ways to deliver the highest standards of technology and develop new features that will benefit customers in both cost and efficiency.

Change is Constant and Often

We change because you do. Your requirements and needs evolve with each new client or project, and we are there with you each step of the way. As new technologies emerge, we will always adapt and update our projects to keep pace with technology. We constantly raise our own bar with improvements to our website, plugin and customer service.




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