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Yes, but this is for Lightning Storm only

You will have to use our ${char} tag (tutorial pending) with your Text layers and they will convert to any given Character set.

Android Users

Android treats Text very differently regardless of your character settings. Because the text is in the sting files, we recommend you use the ASCII value of your text.

You can google "ascii to Unicode converter", or "ascii to utf8 converter" and you should find a few resources that can convert blocks of text. You can then use the converted text sting in your PSD design and you should be good-to-go!

Download the PSD template

We have included the PSD example file for char sets.

Added April 9, 2015 2:41 am

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Android String Resource Guide

Many users have asked us recently about converting Special Characters in Android. Please read the Official Android String Resource Guide – you will find a lot of useful information regarding the CORRECT usage of strings. Some characters you need to escape, while others you may need to enclose in quotes (”).

Escaping Strings

This\'ll work
-- OK
"This'll also work"
-- OK
This doesn't work
-- Causes a compile error
This is a \"good string\".
-- OK
This is a "bad string".
-- Quotes are stripped; displays as: This is a bad string.
'This is another "bad string".'
-- Causes a compile error

Dynamic Strings

Your strings in Android convert as is, so you can also use Formatted Strings, eg:

Hello, %1$s!

Export Kit does what you want, you just have to tell it!

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