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Yes in two ways:


You can easily cut-and-paste any Illustrator object into Photoshop and it will convert into a smart-object. Smart-objects will then render in the output as Smart Ojbect Images.

.AI Documents

If you are converting your entire AI document to a PSD, there are few things to note which will ensure you get a 100% visual export:

1. <Clip Group> will have to rasterize or convert to a folder - with out the mask.

2. <Group> will have to rasterize or convert to a folder.

3. <Path> will have to rasterize or convert to a folder.
If you combine/group simple paths in illustrator to create a complex path, eg. a navigation menu - you will have to cut-and-paste each simple path (eg. a button) into your PSD.

If you convert your AI document to a PSD using a script, it is likely that your document will have a lot of layers named Clip, Group or Path. These are common Illustrator layers which you will need to convert to ensure you document renders as expected.

Once you convert these layers to a respected smart object, image or folder - your export will render 100% as expected.

Easy Group to Folder Convert

You can (a) remove the mask, or (b) create a new folder and drag the contents of the Group to the new folder - then delete the old Group.

We do not support SVG output for vector graphics - not yet!

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We now have Illustrator support in Lightning Storm: //

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