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Hey guys,

I'm working on my forth project and I cant seem to get the export to work just the way I want.

Do you guys offer PSD optimization, I'm not sure what to do next!

Thanks in advance

Added October 1, 2014 1:31 am

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Yes, Free With Your Order

We offer PSD optimization along with render notes (screenshots, psd notes, etc) to help you with future projects. Once we optimize your PSD, we send you back the updated files and notes.

This service is free for all Customers.

Contact us and send us your PSD file, (use an online service if the file is over 10mb) – turnaround time is 24-48 hours.


We still offer render notes to help you with your exports - but we cannot send you back an optimized PSD unless you are a Customer.

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Answered On October 2, 2014 1:31 pm #
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