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I saw export kit suite 23 pack license and webmaster only 15 license, why different price? webmaster more expensive than export kit suite? those export kit suite include responsive as well? I am interest if include responsive as well, any discon for me?

I saw few months ago lightning strom One-time payment with unlimited usage, because now only 12 months. why different?

Asked by k253★★★
Added July 8, 2016 7:30 pm

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These are all valid questions. Export Kit Suite is for CS5x only! This is meant for legacy users and locks to a single machine, so we offer a lower price.

The 3 products you mentioned all offer responsive. If you have CS6 – CC2016, then we recommend Webmaster or Lightning Storm.

We still offer our one-time-payment for Lightning Storm Cloud, but customers like the yearly price of $299 (with discount) vs. the buy-out price of $1499.

Please contact sales directly //exportkit.com/contact – they can customize a package for you and they have the means to offer you discounts.

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Answered On July 9, 2016 12:57 am #
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Asked by k253★★★
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