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I was wondering if I could use grids systems along with Export Kit? I'll be creating a responsive WordPress theme and personally, it'd be a pain and performance issue to create 3 screens and have to optimize my design.

Added July 7, 2015 6:32 pm

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Hi C-Rivers,

Export Kit does not currently have a default grid system, but you can split your WordPress design (or any other environment) across multiple PSD files – then combine them to create a single WordPress theme.

Note that WordPress is a modular system so its EXTREEMLY easy to use multiple PSD files for a single theme. The only important thing to note is when using additional PSD files, all projects compile with styles.css so you will have to change the name of the css file and enqueue the style: in your custom functions PHP file - that's it!

Read more about Using Multiple PSD Files with a single project.

Custom Grid Systems

You can easily create your own CSS grid system with Export Kit, but you should note that not all browsers support CSS grids - google "css grid layout" for more details.

You can add any CSS frame work by linking files externally and using our custom CSS styles.
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