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Reset The Elements

Export Kit has custom HTML and CSS settings to render your PSD content correctly. When using standard HTML you will want to reset the HTML elements. This is quick and easy.

Reset CSS Class

.reset div, .reset img { position: initial; }

Using "position:initial;" with any CSS element will reset that element for standard HTML use.

Add the Reset CSS Class to any element in your HTML file AFTER your output.

Reset PSD Layers

#psd_layer_name div, #psd_layer_name img { position: initial; }

Where "psd_layer_name" is the name of the layer in the PSD document you want to reset for standard HTML.

Eg. If your PSD layer name is "My Custom Container", your CSS element # is "my_custom_container".

Added July 30, 2014 5:17 am

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