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I don't know what is the usage of the Keep PSD asset option, whether I want to select or not that option.

How and where do I use that option and what are some advantages of using it?


Added August 1, 2014 2:56 am

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Enable Keep PSD Assets to generate project related PSD templates. Each folder in your document will be saved as a [.psd] file for easy reference and modification.

Where To Use

Use your generated PSD assets when updating individual sections of your output, or when providing assets to your client or team. Your generated PSD assets will give you full access to each folder in your Photoshop document and all layer elements within.


Clients love PSD assets because it gives them a faster way to view and edit individual portions of the design. Your team will love PSD assets because they can output smaller code modules.

Read Using Export Kit Pro for more info.
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