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Hi I am tryng to build a WordPress theme to be used with a Db in WordPress for an e-commerce site. The amount of layers etc its starting to look confusing and very difficult with this, any materials out there or tutorials which would walk me through it.

Many thanks.

Added April 5, 2015 3:49 pm

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Before You Begin

Please note that you will end up with a lot of layers when it comes to WordPress – but you’re a rock star, you can handle it. There are some concepts to Photoshop designs which we have to help in such cases.

You MUST plan your design

- This means you must have a basic idea of which theme pages you want to create and the content you plan to put in them.
- Build your theme step-by-step

IMPORTANT: test your theme as you go – do not design the entire PSD document – then export and wonder "what went wrong".  This is no different than a developer who codes an entire website (without testing and compiling), then opens the browser and wonders… "what went wrong".  YOU MUST TEST AS YOU GO!
IMPORTANT: do not cluster theme pages with static elements – this is WordPress, the content will come from the data base.

Read Our Tutorials

//exportkit.com/resources/plugin/environments/wordpress – these will help you to get started with exporting anything from a basic 1 page theme to a complex multipage responsive theme.

Managing your WordPress PSDs

(specific to WordPress output only) - The nature of WordPress allows a more modular design in your PSD files.

Because the following is true:
- WP renders each page individually
- WP controls the content and nav

We can apply a few concepts now to your WordPress PSD and Export Kit.
- You can design each page as an individual PSD
- You can design groups of pages as an individual PSD
- You can design the header, footer and styles as an individual PSD

When you export them all, you can copy them to the same WP Theme folder and presto – your full theme is built!

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