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Can we import the HTML output to our CMS, it has special tags that go in place of editable content and we'd love to output the results with this tags in place.

Kentico in text areas have a cms tag that looks like this:

<cms:CMSWebPartZone ZoneID="FormEntry" runat="server" />

"FormEntry" is the unique name for the webpart. We can add the js/css calls into the custom area of the tool if needed at build.

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Use Code Tag with any CMS

If you follow our instructions for creating custom HTML elements: // – then you can simulate the process with any web CMS.

Tested On

- WordPress
- Joomla
- Drupal
- PhoneGap
- Wix
- Webbly
- Webs
- Square Space
- PageCloud

Try it with your custom CMS!

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Because your element has a namespace ”cms:CMSWebPartZone”, we recommend you use Code Tag, its very easy.

1) Create a Folder and add a Text Layer inside
2) Add ${code} to the Text layer name
3) Add your raw HTML, PHP, JS, or CSS inside the Text layer contents:

<cms:CMSWebPartZone ZoneID="FormEntry" runat="server" />

This would be the text contents of your layer

IMPORTANT: When using Code Tag you should always add the Text layer inside a folder to maintain its visual position.
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