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Students have exclusive pricing with Rain Storm and can get started right away with all environments, features and options enabled.

We know school is expensive - so here's a cheap lesson:

The smart student:

  • PAY to go to School
  • Learn how to get PAY-check
  • Work to get PAY-check
  • PAY off School fees

The lazy efficient student:

  • PAY to go to School
  • Buy Export Kit and make websites, WordPress themes, Android apps in School
  • Get PAY-ments from clients in School
  • PAY School fees before they finish School
  • Has capital for their Start-up after they finish School
  • PAY employees

Why work hard? Export that Kit! @ +40% Off!

Contact us now for our Educational discount.

You will be required to verify your High School / Post-Secondary / Tech School / etc.
Added November 28, 2014 8:49 pm

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