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I have bought the Export Kit with the WordPress export and Im just playing around with it, great work!! The only thing that looks a bit basic is the theme options. I know this is relatively new but I was wondering if you are planning on improving the theme options. When I say improving, I mean things like color selectors, switch boxes etc like on Redux for example. If this is on one of your todo lists, adding support for Redux would just about make this the best thing I have ever seen (WordPress wise of course).

If not no worries, I am of course still going to use this set of awesome plugins.


Added October 29, 2014 3:38 pm

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This is LONG OVERDUE, we have finally updated our WordPress admin to provide better options and settings based on your PSD layers: //

There is another update coming soon which will allow for 3rd party integration with common WP frameworks.

Answer by admin
Answered On April 2, 2016 6:46 pm #

Awesome stuff, very excited with this :-)

Answer by Deano
Answered On October 30, 2014 4:33 pm #

Yes, Lots of New Features coming!

We have a few plans in motion regarding WordPress. For Admin Theme Options, we do plan on adding better GUI such as what you mentioned, ”I mean things like color selectors, switch boxes etc”. We also plan to support more layer tags in the options along with folders.

Our new folder support with Admin Options will allow you to use folders like widgets – enable/disable them as required.

Dynamic Sidebars

We also plan to support dynamic Sidebars so you can create a custom Sidebar anywhere in your PSD design.

Common WP Frameworks

We will also provide better integration with common frameworks such as Woo, Genesis, Redux, etc. as we know users already use these frameworks and more.

This is still in research phase, there are many common WP frameworks.

Feature Request

Let us know any Feature Request you may have, we listen to our customers!

Answer by admin
Answered On October 30, 2014 2:21 pm #
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