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Hi, I am trying to evaluate how to go from psd to wordpress and maybe I have missed something. So-far I have my psd file open and export kit up and running where do I go from here? I have gone through the getting started tutorial and still unsure how to proceed. do I have to give my layers names like header, footer etc. Thanks for assistance in-advance
Added February 19, 2015 5:19 pm

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Hi TekTime

No problem, we can help you get started. Before you begin please note that WordPress requires the correct PSD setup as WordPress is a very structured system. We suggest you take a look at the sample PSDs provided in the zip folder: psd_example_files\09_basic_wordpress\ – these will help you to understand how Export Kit deals with individual segments of WordPress.

You must plan your WordPress Theme

Based on your question, WordPress requires a few default pages to render (index, styles, header and footer). Along with each page, you will also have to plan how you want the page to display. Unlike normal HTML - WordPress renders information from the server, so you will have to visualize your Theme - not draw it!

Hint: Use the Blue Box Theme PSD as a starting point for your theme.

WP Theme Crash Course

The PSD to WordPress Theme development crash course will help you gain a better understanding of WordPress themes with both your Photoshop PSD design and your WordPress theme output.
Link: //

WP Loop

The WordPress loop is a list of all, or a limited number of post/page entries in the database. Learn how you can use Export Kit to control it.
Link: //

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