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I was able to use exportkit to get a simple psd to wordpress during training but I cannot seem to get my first full homepage psd to export and display properly.

1.) Is there a way to export the css files from the psd first and then use those as custom css templates for use when exporting the same psd to a wordpress theme. I am a newbie and couldn't find basic instructions to help with this.

2.) I have subscription lightning storm are their any add ons I need seperately that would make wordpress development easier or are they already included in my subscription

3.) What would you guys charges for hands-on assistance to help us recognize where we have gone wrong and convert our first psd?

Asked by dtysinger
Added July 14, 2016 10:29 pm

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1) We have many options for advanced CSS themes. With WordPress our ”many” options become ”unlimited”.

CSS Styles and Themes (exclusive to Export Kit):


Specific WordPress CSS Themes:

You should start with our default CSS styles for WP (included in our templates) // – this will create the base style for WP, but you can easily create multiple PSD files and export them as separate CSS themes for WP. The more you customize the PSD to map WP elements is the greater control you will have in your WP Theme.

2) We have add-ons but they are not ”required” for WordPress as all native WP plugins work with Export Kit WordPress Output. This allows you to customize your WP server files as you would normally. The key is to follow our tutorials and organize your layers correctly – WP is a very specific system that has requirements for files, file names, variable names, etc. You must map these correctly.

WordPress Tutorials:


3) We have support packages where we will optimize the PSD/AI/INDD file for you. If you know ”what went wrong” and you have specific sections to correct – then you can go with Support Basic (40 layers). If you need a full review of your design and layers mapped to your requirements – then you will need to purchase Support Advanced (200 layers).

Support Basic:


Support Advanced:


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