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I tried your export kit into PS CS6 (v.13). PSD file has 2 layer, I selected tab Exports, selected XML and pressed button Export Now. But nothing happened.


1. Where your tool export to?

2. Where I can set directory for exporting?


Asked by AB
Added August 21, 2014 1:55 pm

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Nothing Happened when you pressed Export Now

If you pressed Export Now, and nothing happened, its likely you created a new PSD file. New PSD files need to:

  • save
  • close
  • reopen

This will generate the required META data in the PSD file. In v126 you will receive an error notice for this. Watch this tutorial video for more info: //exportkit.com/learn/video-tutorials/before-you-export-videos/working-with-psd-layers

Your Output Files

All output files are located in the same directory as your PSD. Read //exportkit.com/kits/export-kit/export-kit-basics/export-folders for more info.

Where can I set the directory?

Currently you cannot and Export Kit will default to the same directory as the PSD, but this is a great idea and we will add this to the development road map.

Answer by admin
Answered On August 21, 2014 2:01 pm #
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Asked by AB
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