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This is regarding Lightning Storm and CC2014 only. The BETA is currently set to our Standard Package for users.

1 Hour Session

Our sessions are 1 hour long for standard packages, so we send a hand shake every so often to keep the session alive. The problem is if your PC goes to sleep (eg. a 3 hour export), then it does not send the hand shake – we don’t have a solution for this yet.

30 Second Timeout

Most likely you are exporting a large PSD file and the request is timing out before it completes. With our BETA, there is a 30 second execution limit on PSD files for standard packages - meaning your PSD cannot take longer than 30 seconds to compile or the server will reject it.


1. Split the PSD into smaller files and test each export to ensure it works.

2. Split the project into segments, and export each segment

Looking ahead:

1. We are planning on adding a batch feature to make this process faster.

2. Business packages will allow for dedicated IPs where you can convert 1000+ layers if you like!!!

Added April 5, 2015 4:06 pm

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New Server Coming

Many users are now exporting larger designs with many more layers than we originally expected, some up to 6000 layers. This can easily time out on the server depending on your CPU because the export limit is only 1 hour. We are installing a new server for our API and we will increase this limit plus add additional features to improve performance with larger exports.

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