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When exporting to Xamarin Forms from Adobe XD using the Lightning Storm Export Kit plugin I get a lot of property references which don't seem to exist in the current version of Xamarin.Forms.  For example, the "Rectangle" objects have assignments being made to the "Height" and "Width" properties, which are readonly properties according to Xamarin documentation.  I had to manually change those to "HeightRequest" and "WidthRequest".  Similarly, "VerticalAlignment" and "HorizontalAlignment" properties don't exist, so I had to change those to "VerticalOptions" and "HorizontalOptions".

Question 1: Is there a way for me to update the Xamarin.Forms reference being used for the export, or am I doing something else wrong?

Question 2: The widgets being used to build some of these layers are things like "BoxView" and "AbsoluteLayout".  Is there any way for me to customize those or manually declare the widget I would like used, like a button or a listview or something?

Asked by barney3113
Added November 23, 2021 10:57 pm

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Asked by barney3113
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