Custom Export Pricing

Need a fast summary of how much it cost to export your current design? This page will explain the difference in pricing between minimal and complex designs, along with errors and optimization notes for better exports.

Basic Export
Advanced Export
WordPress / Android / XCode / Xamarin
Shape / Text / Image / Folder / Artboard
$0.10 / ea.$0.30 / ea.
Display Errors
Critical fixes for output rendering
$0.01 / ea.$0.03 / ea.
Responsive Layers
Individual target screen layers
$0.05 / ea.$0.15 / ea.
Layout Design OPTIONAL
Create responsive target screens and optimize layers
$0.50 / Layer$0.50 / Layer

Difference In Design

Your design is a key factor in your custom export price. There are 3 levels of designs with exports; Minimal, Typical and Complex. Although some designs may visually look minimal, it can have many layers in the design making it complex.

Minimal Design

Total (Basic)$4.50
Total (Advanced)$13.50

Typical Design

Total (Basic)$10.20
Total (Advanced)$30.60

Complex Design

Total (Basic)$17.10
Total (Advanced)$51.30

Optimize your design to Go from complex to minimal layers
Follow our Optimization Tips to ensure the best results when exporting your design. Our tips will help you to correct common errors and ensure only required layers are exported.

Project Sizes

The size of your project or the number of pages will affect the over all cost of your export. We recommend using our optimization tips to help reduce the cost of your export.

Small Projects

Total (Basic)$77.00
Total (Advanced)$231.00

Large Projects

Total (Basic)$375.40
Total (Advanced)$1126.20

Get an instant quote

Select the dropdown menus based on your project requirements to view an instant quote. You can contact us for mroe details along with a link to your design.

Responsive Layouts

Although some projects require a single design view, most common projects require multiple responsive layouts to target various screens and devices for an optimal user experience.

Responsive Layouts3
Total (Basic)$3806.5
Total (Advanced)$11 419.50

Do Not Limit Your Layouts

We encourage you to use as many responsive layouts as possible to target the optimial number of device screens. A typical project may have 4 – 8 responsive layouts, while a fully responsive design can have up to 14 layouts.

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