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I really liked the way how you pre-defining the classes like ${image} Do you think it's good to do same way "button", or "icon" stuff.

Good stuff!

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We plan to document this further but we will use this as a base list for our Android Widget support. Learn more about Class Tag: //exportkit.com/plugin/layer-tags/advanced-layer-tags/class-tag.

NOTE: Not all Layer Tags have been added to Tag Kit in the Tools Panel – before WordPress we had about 12 tags, after WP we have 50+.  Once we find a better way to organize them in the plugin we will add all tags to the list.  You can always check //exportkit.com/resources/plugin/layer-tags for update to date tag information.
IMPORTANT: With Android, Class Tags work with Layers only, we plan to add support for Folders once we complete our Android Skins module – oh yes, skin your widgets from PSD, AI and INDD!
IMPORTANT: You must add your Widget properties to your Class Tag, eg. if you are using a RatingBar and you want 4 stars, etc. - then you must set this: android:numStars="4" in the class args.
${class|RatingBar:android:numStars="4"} my radio btn
- keeps size and position
- keeps layer effects

We recommend using Shapes to render your Widgets until we add full documentation.


An image is an image so if you use ${class|Button} it will correct to ImageButton in the output.


${class|ImageButton} corrects to Button and ${class|EditText:[args]} supports an inputType for [args].


${class|Button:[args]} will use the [args] as the button text contents and ${class|ImageButton} will use the shape as the background for the button.

All Widgets Work

All other Android Widget will convert as is with the position and size of your Layer.

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Hey is there any one who used class tag in an android project?
I’m using lightning storm for photoshop cc 2015, but there is no layer tag called ”class” in the ”TOOL” tab of the export kit. May I know how can I activate to include CLASS tag in my project. Thanks.

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Answered On November 9, 2015 12:28 pm #

Hi Bachi,

We have plans to change our ${class} tag so you can load any custom Android/Java class (coming soon). Currently ${img} tag will treat the layer as an image only. Your request for a unique image name ${img:name} is a good one and we will pass it to Dev.

Android Class Support

We currently support the following for Android using Class tag - remember this is in its early phase - we have not fully tested support for this so use caution!

* Layers Only *

More Info

Read this post for info: //exportkit.com/answers/guidelines-for-using-android-and-export-kit

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