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How would I make a text layer a hyperlink but also a css style attached.

Would it be ${css|style:label} Label ${link:index.html} Home

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IMPORTANT: When you nest tags, dynamic properties are applied to the top-level elements.

What this means is that if you add a ${link} and ${css|style} tag to the same layer, the CSS class style will apply to the anchor (the link you created) and NOT the layer.

This is important as some CSS Styles may break if not using the correct selectors.
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Correct Answer

Yes you are correct

You can nest layer tags. Try to have the tags at the front so they are clear.

eg: ${css|style:label} ${link:index.html} Home

- the only limit you have is Photoshop layer name limit of 50+ characters.

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Answered On May 31, 2015 3:18 am #
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