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Hi there,

I have initially used the trial version of the plug-in and it had no problem exporting my Figma project into Xamarin codes. However, out of nowhere, I could not successfully export anything anymore. I thought it was because the trial version could no longer be used, so I purchased a monthly subscription, yet it did not resolve the following problems:

1. "New Style Range" error keeps showing whenever we try to export any UI that we have designed. We read through the explanation of this error but the page we export does not contain the described reason of this error. This error appears for every single page. How can we fix this?

2. When exporting, the exporting code don't seem to recognize language outside of English, we need it to be able to export into Korean and Chinese. Is there any setting that we've missed or how can we solve this problem?


Asked by jasonlee0460
Added December 9, 2021 11:55 am

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Asked by jasonlee0460
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