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This is a list of common WordPress issues users ask about, we will try to keep this list updated if new issues arrive.

Missing Custom Templates

Q: The plugin exports out wordpress themes nicely, but when I activate the theme in Wordpress I get the error "wp_enqueue_style was called incorrectly"

A: This is because you did not include a "custom.css" - enable your custom templates in your Export Kit options, or add this file manually.

Missing Images After PSD Update

Q: I updated my PSD design and changed a few layer names.  I still can't get the logo to show even after renaming. Any ideas?

A: Try to reset your data in the Admin panel. Your first export likely had a different logo name, so when you copy the folder – its using the DB settings previously saved. Reset and you should be fine.

Missing Menu Items

Q: How do I get the Menu to show the links I had in the PSD?

Part 1

a) You need to add each menu and items in your wordpress admin [Appearance > Menus] (depending on your WP version you may have to look around)

b) The nav menus you create in your PSD are the same Admin nav menus you get in WordPress

Part 2

a) You need to style the menu (USING CSS STYLES + WORDPRESS CLASS NAMES) see our PSD to WordPress guide.

Added July 15, 2015 2:24 am

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