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Hello Export Kit,

Yesterday i will purchase "Export Kit – HTML5 Output" Package. I install package as per instruction on website. I face problem, it is not given proper output, override all images and not apply css like output is there. so i use your Demo PSD File but same problem i will face,also @at "ExportNow" Button Here not Enable to Customized Checkbox..please solve my problem asap.

Use of your PSD Demo ::



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Kirti Parmar

Added June 21, 2016 10:37 am

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HTML5 Output is just that — only HTML5.

If you are looking for Responsive Websites + additional options, then you should purchase Responsive Pack: //exportkit.com/product/photoshop/responsive-html-css-pack. This will give you all the features and option for advanced responsive websites.

Its much cheaper to purchase Responsive Pack, than to purchase each item individually. We can help upgrade you to responsive if you like.


You need a minimum of 3 products for responsive + customizing: (1) HTML5 Output, (2) CSS Output, (3) Export Kit Pro Panel. These are all included in Responsive Pack + more, at a much cheaper price.

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