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1. Close ALL Folder Layers

This will seem trivial, but it will actually speed up any export up to 75%.

Export Kit is designed to work with the Photoshop GPU. Photoshop uses GPU when moving from one layer selection to another, and even more when there are many open layers. This is used to process the images and icons associated with displaying the layer in the Photoshop Layers Panel. The more layers Photoshop has to jump to navigate, will equal a longer export time.

To prevent this, take 20 seconds to close all your folders before exporting.

A 15 min export will only take 2-3 mins.

2. Split The Document Into Smaller Exports

With the individual files your export will become much faster, and the only set-back is you will have to cut and paste the content from the other PSD exports into your main export (we are looking into add file linkage in a new version – this would allow you to link multiple PSD files from one main PSD).

You can do this quickly using Layers view:

  1. Click the desired CSS screen folder, or any folder/layer
  2. Press “Layer to PSD” in Layers View

Added June 20, 2014 7:40 pm

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