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1. When I download the latest Figma, Adobe XD plugin I see there a version (230915). However, when I click on download I got outdated version (220720) Link Below: version

2. I export a simple Login Signup page from Figma to Android Studio, I followed the tutorial video and make sure my approach is the same as the instruction in the video, but when I replace files and rebuild then reopen project in Android Studio, I got more than one error ex.:


> Incorrect package="exportkit.figma" found in source AndroidManifest.xml:

Setting the namespace via the package attribute in the source AndroidManifest.xml is no longer supported.

Recommendation: remove package="exportkit.figma" from the source AndroidManifest.xml:

My Solution:

If I removed exportkit.figma from AndroidManifest.xml the app crash.

I waiting for you reply,



Asked by Joe
Added September 23, 2023 11:14 am

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This is a simple solution, you can rename your "resources" folder to "res" and then re-build gradle or restart android studio. This will fix the issues.
Answered On October 9, 2023 11:05 am #
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Asked by Joe
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