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I am designing app for Moto G4 Plus. I tried all the possible things in the links. Everything is fine but sizes increases and doesn't fit the screen.

Dimensions are 1080x1920px (Dpi 401). Do i need to convert this pixal into dp ?

Please help with answers.

Thank you

Added October 5, 2017 1:07 pm

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Take a look at our post regarding Android and multiple screens. Pixel to DPI conversion is not the easiest, and gets far more complex when going from hdpi to xxhdpi etc.

To answer your question correctly we need to know the full resolution you are targeting. Based on your question, 1080px sounds more like 1080xxhdpi (correct us if we are wrong). You can target this with a target screen size of 360px:

${css|screen:360} p-720 xhdpi / 1080 xxhdpi
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