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Guys am one guy who dont give up easily

have been trying all posible manner to over come the with screen even install 4 types of photoshop and still the same try FAQ no responds and on my previous post to


then admin came and posted about

White Screen Issue

This is very specific and relates to caching Google Fonts, this will only happen the first time you open the plugin. Learn more.

i was like if it google font causing this let me go download all the fonts at once and install

and after that it work

so go download fonts here and how to install it


Happy Export Kitting....

Asked by supreme
Added November 8, 2016 3:52 am

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Thanks for the work-around! Dev is also looking into better ways of pre-caching the fonts, or loading them via our servers. We will notify users when Dev has a solution for this.

Answer by admin
Answered On November 8, 2016 2:32 pm #
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Asked by supreme
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