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Hello Export kit i first of all i find your tool awsome and soon i will buy a linsence because it is indeed acurate and fast it seem thought i am making something wrong i am designing and selling game launchers in those launchers i have a mini webbrowser window were i put some news and contact links i am way better in designing tha coding thought so i thought to try export kit

//prntscr.com/a9tb2c - this is were the webbrowser will be placed so and thats how my design is

//prntscr.com/a9tbmx - thats the index page were news are i placed footer so i can provide ini.php and used the layer arangment of one of your example psds you are providing

http://prntscr.com/a9tcxb - so far so good i also divided the jquery elements i will use with their correct names (i think i have it wrong thought)

//prntscr.com/a9tdr8 - nav bar is dividet like this //prntscr.com/a9tej6 and most of the namings are like this //prntscr.com/a9tf7o

i corrected most of the warnings so far and the outcome that i get is like //prntscr.com/a9tftc this i am sure something i am doing it wrong.


thats the accound page //prntscr.com/a9th0t

thats the forum page //prntscr.com/a9tho4

thats the comunity page were i use a ajax php chat code //prntscr.com/a9tjm8

the css animation folder //prntscr.com/a9tkjb

and thats the shop page //prntscr.com/a9tlco

also this is how i placed the folders in the slider jquery //prntscr.com/a9tm8v

if you would like to help me i would be apricieting it, i dont seem to know what i am doing wrong i get furstrated.

love disazter!

Asked by disazter
Added March 1, 2016 1:47 pm

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thanks a lot for your help :)
as for the last it seemed very easy for me so i tryed it live from the begining! i am very satisfied so far the result was fast and wasnt so far from what i am trying to do also i couldn wait to use this awsome tool of yours!

Answer by disazter
Answered On March 1, 2016 7:10 pm #
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This has many different questions wrapped in one, no trouble.

1. Where the web browser is placed: //exportkit.com/learn/how-to/export-your-psd/update-an-existing-website-or-blog – this will show you how to correctly add your output to your existing project.

2. Use correct layer names for layer tags: //exportkit.com/resources/plugin/layer-tags.

3. Link Tag does not work with a folder, use Class Tag: //exportkit.com/kits/export-kit/export-kit-tutorials/create-a-navigation-menu.

4. When using Layer Styles ${css|style} you must also include a default css state in your Class Styles folder ${css|styles}.

5. ini Tag is for PHP only and will not work with HTML: //exportkit.com/plugin/layer-tags/custom-layer-tags/ini-tag.

6. You cannot use smart objects to place code, you must use Code Tag with paragraph text layers: //exportkit.com/plugin/layer-tags/basic-layer-tags/code-tag.

This will help you solve your current issues, but you are trying to work on a live project before you learn how to use Export Kit = please read our how-to guides first: //exportkit.com/resources/learn/how-to.

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Answered On March 1, 2016 7:03 pm #
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