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i am giving these links...the first one image is original psd.. see the facebook and youtube text with google font,, but when converting psd..on output all things are oky but these two are dis-place and not on actual font...used in psd...

second question is " the blog title has not actual width in output..." it falls on second line.

See actual psd image : //imgur.com/lEEQLmQ

See the problem on output file: //imgur.com/kFFgwtP

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This happens for various reasons and there are a few solutions depending on which works best.

Use Paragraph Text to ensure your text is the size you expect, Label text will measure the pixels in the font.

Google Fonts

Our Auto-loader script does have a few pit falls, (a) google adds new fonts all the time, (b) the script currently does not support Light fonts, and a few other Google Fonts features. You may need to manually add links for the other font weights to your project.

Photoshop vs Browser

Photoshop and your browser will *NEVER* render text the same, in truth – no two browsers will render text the same. This video will demo this issue Photoshop vs Browser Rendering. We also have other PSD templates to test this.

Multi-style Text

We have support for multiple styles in a single text block using ${p} tag. But there are rules to this that are not always that simple. Eg. Your text block has Facebook and YouTube in various font styles but within a single text block, then using [tab] or [space] to separate the text.

HTML will not render this as HTML will naturally remove the extra white-space. We recommend in this case, to split the layer into 2 text blocks and work with them separately.

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