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please can u tell me how to give a tag name to layer at a time with both css and html like below

${css|style:label} and ${link:www.google.com} , these two tags to one folder or layer... actually i want to give a menu hover effect and when someone clicks it goes to www.google.com...

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There are a few steps to this. You can use multiple layer tags with a single layer, but you are limited to the max characters in your Photoshop layer names.

${css|style:label} ${link:www.google.com} my button link


When using CSS Styles you will need to define the styles in your PSD for your :hover, :active and default states. This guide will help //exportkit.com/plugin/environments/css/add-css-rollover-hover-effects.

You MUST include your base styles when using ${css|style} tag.

HTML Links

You can use ${link} tag with layers, but for folders you must use ${class} tag, see this guide for more details //exportkit.com/kits/export-kit/export-kit-tutorials/create-a-navigation-menu.

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