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In short, we are working on a web-based and desktop version which will allow all Adobe Photoshop users CS3+ to have access to Export Kit functionality.

The expected date is Jan 15, 2014.

Update Feb 5, 2014 :

We have decided to postpone the creation of the web-based exports and focus on Illustrator and InDesign support. We will continue to work on the web-based version sometime after summer 2014.

Update Jun 20, 2014 :

Adobe has canceled support for flash-based plugins (aka Export Kit) in their new Creative Cloud v15.

This has forced us to change our roadmap slightly for v126:

  • CSS Styling
  • CSS Selectors
  • WordPress Theme Output
  • 20 New Layer Tags
  • Android UI Output
  • Events and Actions

We will create another platform for CC v15+ after we complete our Android UI Output. Our new CC version should allow us to integrate with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign from one plugin - so stay tuned. Expected release date is Nov 2014.

Our new platform will allow us to become backwards compatiable with any version of Adobe products, and allow us to integrate with other Adobe products such as Flash, Dreamweaver, AfterEffects and more - much easier.

Added October 12, 2013 3:50 am

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